Endless bounds of shape and color, my collaged worlds embody the complexities of physical and emotional landscapes. Like a child dismantling a toy, I dissect and rebuild moments to understand their precise particularities. I am an escapist searching for labrynths to lose myself in, reconnecting with the unknown like an old friend. My vibrant works exhibit the immense excitement and the dizziness of freedom, of the great wide open. Paint is applied like icing to give autonomy; ghostly outlines of previous thoughts emerge throughout. My favorite color is purple.

There is an inherent loneliness in exploration, but there is also warmth and camaraderie. My favorite moments are those I cannot explain, the cascade of conflicting feels. Feeling grounded in the clouds; emptiness during ecstasy. Colors and space evoke uncontrollable fervor. These temporal moments of grandeur give me hope, always reminding of our brevity in the universe. I value what could be more than what is. I never feel tepid.


I like commissions and collaborations! Email me at if interested in something customized, or about any of the works on my site.

  • Kevin Mack